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Muscle Activation


Muscle Activation

When you are defending, you cannot be performing

Modern man has more stress than ever before and less ability to release it. This results in us existing in an almost constant state of stress and survival, as a result of which our bodies close down and operate in a protective, defensive posture or "Flight or Fight" pattern.

The position in which we use our bodies has a significant impact on our bodies' ability to perform tasks. Prolonged incorrect posture brought about by defensive patterns results in incorrect muscle tension to flexibility ratios, compensation in the body and ultimately injury to joints and muscles.

Muscle Activation uses a system of reflexes throughout the body that "wakes up" muscles. The muscles can then function at their maximum potential in strength, power, endurance and flexibility, releasing tight structures that cause pain and dysfunction, resulting in improved posture, reducing the potential for injury and improving performance.

  • You can use it as a system to improve physical performance; giving you more strength, power, flexibility, endurance, speed and skill
  • You can use it as a system to interrupt stress patterns in your life, improving your overall well-being; identifying areas that weaken you in your world and addressing them
  • You can use it as a way to move through mental and emotional blocks, achieving greater clarity in your world

However you choose to use Muscle Activation, the philosophy is the same - it is just where you choose to apply it that differs.

What is in the mind is in the body; what is in the body is in the mind
When we connect the mind to the muscle, the body shifts immediately

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Muscle Activation sessions are arranged through appointment. Please contact Adie on 082 8900 524082 8900 524 to check for availability or more details.